About Us
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About Us

We are a team of lawyers based in Surat, offering comprehensive legal services with a forward-thinking and strategic approach to secure and accomplish the best legal protection in terms of speed and efficacy for our clients. Our unparalleled experience and exposure enable us to handle cases involving complexity of any magnitude which sets us apart from other law firms.
We have embarked on our legal journey spanning in decades since 2002, primarily focusing on litigation practice, and have since expanded our range of services and expertise to Criminal Law. Today, we are recognized as one of the top providers of premium legal services in Surat, Gujarat, India.
Our team is dedicated to providing practical advice and effective assistance to our clients. We follow a systematic approach of “ prevention is better than cure” to investigate cases from both individual and business perspectives, emphasizing on problem prevention and resolution through groundwork and investigation before litigation to avoid unnecessary complications to provide hassle free solution. With a thorough understanding of legal framework and proceedings, we ensure support and benefits in favor of our clients.
We are renowned for our expertise in handling criminal cases, both in prosecution and defense, covering all types of crimes.
Our Vision is to be at the forefront of Indian legal services, delivering quality results while upholding ethics, efficiency, mutual trust, and personal responsibility towards our clients.

Our Objective is to make legal services effective, efficient, affordable, and hassle-free.

Our Mission is to provide practical, solution-oriented, and technically feasible advice to our clients, emphasizing the delivery of innovative legal solutions. We maintain the highest level of professional ethics and pride ourselves on delivering excellent, responsive, and timely legal services to our clients.

Core Values

Three things we do after getting a file. Research, Research, Research

Strategically Solving Problem

At our law firm, our primary focus centers on the meticulous examination of past judgments, which serve as invaluable references. Through a thorough analysis of these documents, we meticulously study every case of our clients, enabling us to provide the highest level of representation in the court. Our dedication to legal excellence ensures that we offer you the best possible legal support and advocacy.

Treat Clients with Respect

At our law firm, we hold the value of respect for our clients in the highest regard. We are dedicated to treating you and your concerns with the utmost respect, and our commitment is to provide the best and most effective service possible.

Cost Effective Our Service

At our law firm, we are unwavering in our commitment to transparency and ensuring that you are not burdened with unnecessary costs, such as time, finances, and stress. We pride ourselves on being reliable and realistic with you, ensuring that your expectations remain reasonable, and there are no unexpected surprises in your legal journey.

Clear-Cut Talk with Our Clients

At our law firm, we prioritize providing you with an honest assessment of your situation. We are committed to not raising false hopes, ensuring that you receive accurate and realistic guidance throughout your legal journey.



Nilesh M. Vaghasia began his career in Surat, Gujarat, in 2002, working under the mentorship of the distinguished advocate H.L. Lalwala.


During their juniorship under Adv. H.L. Lalwala, Nilesh Vaghasia and his four friends, Jayanti S. Madhani, Naresh B. Bhalala, Manish D. Virani, and Alpesh Kotadiya, established their rental office and began their advocacy work.


This year, Nilesh Vaghasia established his office in Surat, Gujarat, with Adv. Samirbhai J. Boghara. It marks a glorious beginning after five years of hard work.


This year, Nilesh Vaghasiya inaugurated his new, spacious, and modern office in Surat, Gujarat, alongside his talented team members. This marks an extraordinary milestone for his team, and they currently work together in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.